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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies Parts 1 & 2 in Theaters

madoka magica

Tonight we all went to go see Puella Magi Madoka Magica Parts 1 & 2 in theaters in Tempe. The viewing was an encore screening of the movie, the first which was held on Janurary 12th, doing so well that the movie sold out! I couldn’t get to go last time, so I made an effort to go this time around and even saw some cosplayers turn out for the movie.



Watching the series again in movie form was a whole lot of fun. It really is a great story and it was great that it did well enough that it got an encore screening. This show wasn’t sold out, but there were still quite a large amount of people who showed up giving support to Madoka.


Taiyou-Con 2013

Taiyou-Con is here again everyone and we’re gonna be there at conning in up with everyone there! So come up and see our panels, play our games, and join in on our various discussions that we’re planning to have! It’s gonna be a lot of fun, so you don’t want to miss it.

Hotel/Convention info:

Tekken Tag Tournament: Xtreme Swimsuit Edition

Looks like Namco is trying to prove to Tecmo that the characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 can look good in bikinis and swimsuits just like Tecmo’s characters in Dead or Alive. Only to take it a step further, it looks like the male cast of Tekken is participating as well. If you pre-order Tekken Tag Tournament 2, then you’ll get a bikini pack that comes with over 100 swimsuits you can use to customize your characters with.

Of course…Tecmo recently released this video showcasing a few of the things available to you if you pre-order Dead or Alive 5…

FFXIII-2 Additional DLC Episodes Due in May

Finally shifting their focus to something more than just additional outfits and looks that you can buy for Serah and Noel, This May, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be getting even more episodic DLC released, expanding on the story of some of the other characters involved in the main storyline.Up first with an official release date is Snow. He’ll be getting his episode just like Sazh a few months ago, on May 15th, on the same day as the Valfodr Coliseum DLC. The episode is more than likely going to explain how he was traveling through time like Serah and Noel as well as how he managed to receive the mark of a L’Cie again. Sometime after that, will be an episode centering around Lightning’s final battle with Caius Ballad while the players controlled Serah and Noel during their own final battle. While Snow’s episode currently has no title, the Lightning episode is titled “Requiem of the Goddess”

There are still some more clothing DLC planned as well. Later on in the month, you can download a White Mage outfit for Serah and a Black Mage outfit for Noel.

This is still probably the coolest looking DLC outfit though. Mass Effect fans will agree

Altus Holds Cosplay Contest…In America (…also Canada)

A few days ago, in the spirit of Halloween, Atlus started to hold a contest to see who in the US and Canada can dress up as their favorite character from any of their games. The contest is called Atlus-O-Weenie 2011 and is scheduled to go on from October17th to November 11th. People interested in the contest need only to dress up as an Atlus U.S.A/Index Digital Media Inc. publised game, upload a pic of yourself along with filling out the necessary forms and be at least 18 years of age.

There are several catogories where contestants could win in, each from a different game. In other words, there can be winners for dressing up as a character from Catherine, Persona and King of Fighters, as well as a random winner that will be chosen for a prize. In addition, there is also a grand prize chosen by the fans, a $300 Amazon gift card.

Some of the submitted costumes so far…(you can view the rest of the submissions on the contest site)

…And Finally, my top three favorite submissions so for the contest so far

Katherine from Catherine

Protagonist from Persona 4

^Really hope this one wins^

Margret from Persona 4

BlazBlue Cosplay

Nothing to really report on for the past few days since I’ve been planning for an upcoming convention…so here’s a cosplayer of Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue

Gurren Jack In The Box


Marcus Fenix Cosplay

Incredible looking cosplay of Marcus Fenix, the main character from Gears of War. Even the Lancer rifle looks amazing here. Taken from Tumblr

Morrigan Aensland Cosplay

Keeping up with the spirit of Marvel vs Capcom 3, here’s a really good cosplay of Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers.

Taken from Cosplay-Addicted.

Dizzy Cosplay

Recovering from HDD failure means more cosplay for the site. Here’s Dizzy from Guilty Gear. Source was from Anime Cosplayer.