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Name: George

Known Aliases: Nailbat, The Goddamned Nailbat, The Almighty Nailbat, Old Spice Guy

Bio: From the land only known as Connecticut, he headed west to Arizona with only a few good ideas. He dreams to one day become the first ever S-Rank World Champion of everything ever, and Project Nailbat is his way to that dream!

Likes: Type-Moon, Dead or Alive, Writing for Project Nailbat

Dislikes: Bad movie adaptations, Tournament rules in Super Smash Bros

Name: Matt

Known Aliases: Haz-Matt, Matt-Suda, The Doosh

Bio: Writer of Hazardous Reviews. A specialist in games that involve range camping pansy bullsh!#, Matt claims to be the best in all video games, unless he loses. Then he claims all games are fixed and all other players are cheating, especially Nailbat!

Likes: Guns, Bows and Arrows, Hatsune Miku

Dislikes: Hipsters, Losing to Nailbat

Name: Ruben

Known Aliases: Chumara, The Nicaraguan Forest Fire

Bio: Raised in the forests of Nicaragua only to burn it down after coming of age, Ruben goes through great pains to hide his power level in public to avoid being chastised by “normal” people.

Likes: Touhou, Melty Blood and other fighting games with small followings in AZ and SRK Forums

Dislikes: Dokapon Kingdom



Name: Brian

Known Aliases: Ironhoof, Bishi Brian, The Beastly Bishounen

Bio: Writer of Lost in the Overworld. Brian won’t rest until he’s as tough as WWE Superstar Sheamus, as manly as Kamina, and everyone in the world embraces the love of My Little Pony…even if it kills him!

Likes: Magic the Gathering, Gurren Lagann, My Little Pony

Dislikes: League of Legends


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